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Islam is a peaceful religion- its main aim is to spread peace,love , kindness , and compassion to the entire humankind. The term Islam is derived from the Arabic word ‘Silm’ which mean making peace, being in the peaceful environment, being away from the war and keeping self away from the wrong, spread love, mercy and kindness to all the people.

It literally means Peace and Surrender to the will of Allah who is the creator of ours. He sent used to this world for trial and with his permission, only everything held into one’s life. Allah is merciful and he blessed all its children who walk on the straight path of love , peace, and kindness. Islam was founded over 1400 years ago by the Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) in Arabia. He receives the revelation from Allah. Almighty God sent Prophet on the earth to tell about kindness to mankind also to teach that Islam is the final and complete religion for humankind.

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Quran the holy book of Islam revealed each and every saying of Allah. It was sent to Prophet Mohammad (be peace on him) which was the complete source of guidance. Quran guides in several ways to survive life and also tell the treatment for the heart and other problems.

Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) the Founder of Islam, he born in Mecca, Arabia and was known for his honesty, kindness, and love for others. Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) character was very kind and he practiced what he preached to mankind. He was one of the living examples of all that Islam teaches to the people and his nature of kindness, truthfulness, courage, tolerance inspired many people and remains exemplary.

Quran-The Holy Book of Islams

Quran is the holy book of Islam religion which revealed the words of Allah. It was sent to Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) and spread into 30 parts and 114 chapters. Quran is the guide to mankind that teaches a comprehensive code of conduct of humankind. It contains many things which are related to human life, it also has the treatments of the problems of heart and life.best astrologer in bangalore best astrologer in bangalore

Whatever is written in the book is for mankind and the number of prophecies is there, where some are fulfilled and some have to be fulfilled yet. It is believed that the holy book was orally revealed by God to the last Prophet, Mohammad (be peace upon him), because he was Burhan so the Quran is written in Arabic. The meaning of Quran is something that is reciting or performs over again and that’s why Muslim recites it as many times through their lives. It was written over 1400 years ago and still, the texts of the Quran are intact. .

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Five Pillars of Islam- Teachings of Islam


Shahadah means ‘declaration of one’s faith’ in the harmony of Allah along with the acceptance of Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) as a Messenger of God. The actual definition of declaration (Shahadah) means “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. The core Islamic beliefs highlight the Shahadah in the unity and oneness of Allah, and the Prophet Mohammad (e peace upon him) is the one before whom the religious laws were revealed for mankind. All those religious laws were then passed on by the Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) to the people and was followed by others.best astrologer


Zakat means charity or Alms giving, Muslims have to give some portion of their wealth to the poor and needy people. It not only means to do charity but also provide kindness, generosity to the poor or orphans. The purpose of Zakat for the Muslims is that it is the commandment from God and it is done for the welfare of the poor. .


Salat means ‘prayer to god’. Muslims must have to recite the five daily prayers to develop a good connection and relationship with Allah. These prayers have a different time to recite and through the day. The Five Prayers that Muslims recites are-

Fajr – it is the prayer that is offered in the morning (dawn) before sunrise.

Zuhr – this prayer offered after the sun passes its highest point, that means the middle of the day.

Asr – the prayer recite in the late afternoon.

Maghrib – It offered just after the sunset.

Isha – This prayer is offered to Allah between sunset and midnight.

These are the daily five prayers which every Muslim has to offer to Allah to create a personal relationship with him. While in Islam the prayers offered by Muslims don’t need any intermediary like a priest, they directly connect to God through their prayers to create a personal bond with our creator.

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Saum refers to fasting, Ramadan or Ramzan the holy ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslim must have to fast during this holy month. It is the rule that during fasting Muslims cannot eat or drink between dawn and dusk. Persons who are a sick, pregnant or nursing mother, anybody who is on a journey and children are excused from fasting. .


Muslims are grateful to visit pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a lifetime and this was only made during the month of Hajj which is the 12th lunar month according to the Islamic calendar. It is not only the pilgrimage to visit in Makka but it a big thing for those who visit there and take part in all the rites and rituals like circling the Kaabah and traveling between the mounts namely Safa and Marwa. All the pilgrims enter the pilgrimage have to wear a white dress to represent equality among Allah. .

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