Islam Mercy

Allah is full of mercy his blessings are always upon his followers. Islam is a merciful religion, it teaches the message of kindness to Muslims and Non-Muslims, friends and enemies and everyone. He has a big heart which is filled with love and compassion, he showers on the people. Almighty God always spread the message to help the poor and needy persons. While the person who respects and care about their parents and orphans are dear ones in the eyes of him.

The word Mercy in Islam has a very wide meaning. It spread kindness, love, compassion, patience, and tolerance with people. Islam mercy teaches us to treat people like the way we want to be treated. If we would not like the arrogant behavior of others with us so we should also not follow the same behavior with others. Islam is the hub of the spreading prophetic message and meaning of faith like as other religion said before Islam. Every person must be an agent of the mercy on earth for all human beings and creatures.best astrologer in bangalore

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God is merciful and includes certain qualities in the names and attributes:

1. He is an acceptor of Repentance.

2. Almighty God is full of compassionate and loves .

3. He is forbearing and most gracious one


4. He is the most merciful person in the universe.

5. Allah is the source of goodness and one of the most generous persons.

6. He is a Bestower.

All the above characters indicate that God is full of mercy, goodness, and generosity. He blesses all his loves on his creations. Black Magic Solution always walks on the path of Islam and tell to the followers to do the same.

Islam – A Religion of Mercy

Islam is one of the wonderful religion because of the two primary sources, first is the motivational preaching of the Prophet Mohammad (let peace be on him) and secondly the inspiring holy Quran. These two main things provide the right guidance of the means of development, human wisdom as well as the perfection of human life. It allows the Muslim people to complete guide to living a faultless life and to achieve a good status in society and Akhira.

Quran is a holy book which contains advice and guidance on every single aspect of life along with the complete remedial of the heart and other diseases. It also shows the limitless source of mercy and mankind.best astrologer

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-Whereas, the Prophet Mohammad (let peace be on him) was described as the clear evidence of being Burhan, was the good example of mercy for mankind and was an ideal of perfection. Prophet Mohammad (let peace be on him) has been explained as the person who always teaches its followers the lesson of moral quality and kindness. He always spread the message of Islam mercy, faith, compassion, talking of human and environmental rights. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that his wife and the beloved person tells him that Mohammad (let peace be on him) was the character of Quran and his walk, talk and life was only Quran .

No doubt that the Messenger of Allah (let peace be on him) was always praised by Allah. The God has blessed him with several qualities and this denotes the perfection of his character, people respect his excellent nature and personality and pass on the teachings of Islam. Undoubtedly, he was an inspiration for the people and all the verses of the Quran expressively say his praises. Some traditions of the Quran show the splendor and majesty of the Prophet and other tradition reveal the generosity of Allah. .

Guidance through Divine Scriptures

We all know that when the world is created, the man was not left alone to face the problems of life. God is merciful, he sent Prophet on the earth to help the man, who conveyed and taught the lessons of kindness, love, and compassion to their people and also to guide and protect them from all kinds of hurdles. The Quran was the perfect and merciful disclosure and the Prophet Mohammad (be peace on him) was the last Messenger of Allah.

As above mentioned that Quran was the last revelation and it is the guidance for the mankind and ultimate mercy. The God has sent his messenger in face of Mohammad between us to teach the mankind and also sent humanity in living, perfect and practical example of how to take the teachings of Quran and applied in our daily life.

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Followings are some of the teachings of Prophet Mohammad-

1. Kindness is not found in anything and not even withdrawn from anything.

2. The person is not a pure Muslim who fills his tummy when his neighbor is hungry.

3. The perfect beliefs of the believers are to be the best of them in the character.

4. Almighty Allah will not show his mercy to those people who don’t have any mercy for the others.

5. People should always forward Islam teachings.

His teaching must be forwarded by us all and we should always follow it. As we know that the Quran tells us not to forget humanity, only spread love, care, and respect to others. .

Mercy towards the Creation

It is a mercy of God who created us and the fact that we can eat, work, play and do the thing that we like. So, we should be very grateful to God for his excellent creation. Also, another mercy of God is that he made us sinless and will not hold until the age of maturity and decision making.

Almighty God knows that we are imperfect and do mistakes. He always showers mercy by forgiving us every time. So, it is our duty to keep his blessings upon us and it doesn’t mean that we should lose hope of Allah’s blessings or exhausted God’s Forgiveness

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Black Magic Solutions Islam Mercy

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