Islam patience in illness

God created us and our existence on the earth is just a temporary and our permanent stop is the heaven or the hell. We have seen many people suffer in their life and find solutions for their problems. The world is a course of trial and testing of the god creations, he creates is art and sent it to this world for testing that what he has made is strong or not. Therefore this world is created for our enjoyment but this place is more than the worldly pleasures. It is the place we live, laugh, play and fulfill our purposes based on the worship of God. We do several things here but all those things are enjoined us from God somewhere.

He has sent us here in this world and he put us in a different situation to check out that are we strong enough to face difficult situations. Our life is just like a school semester, where children have to understand the syllabus from the books and then write according to the question appear in the exams. Similarly, to understand and learn the experiences of life, God has sent the messengers and holy books from where we learn the things related to our life and then we have to apply it in a particular situation. God itself sees us how we are doing it.

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We have to understand that God has advised us to face every trial and problems patiently. This could be difficult without understanding that whatever held in your life is because of God’s permission. It is not like that he doesn’t want to see you happy, but actually he is making you strong externally and internally to face every critical situation with courage. Without the permission of God, no leaf can fall from the tree. What all problems you face in your life like business crumbles no marriage, car crashing, etc.Best Astrologer

Patience and Productivity in Hard times

When a person befalls in the several kinds of problems which comes in the life one after the other, at that moment one thinks that life is a tunnel full of darkness and a little light at the end of the tunnel which looks like a mirage. At the situation of hardship often people lose hope and not even try to find the way to come out of it. So here the question arises that how will one manage productivity during hard times?

In Islam religion the Muslims have been taught how to behave in such conditions, they are the part of life in the Dunya. One should behave in the best way in a difficult situation. Almighty Allah is merciful as he provided us many tips and solutions to compete with life problems.

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Patience is the main thing that everyone should learn and it comes first in the sequence of the Ayah. It is not an easy task to gain patients and there are many examples of patients in Sunnah and Quran, granted by God which is shown us by the Prophets during the hard times. Almighty has also explained dua’s for our reading and understanding which has a received a favorable answer. Allah has narrated one of the most powerful narrations of Ayub. .

Allah said that Ayub is the best creature on the earth today, he is a noble character who showed outstanding patients and at any situation, he never forgets to remember his generous lord. Ayub was an amazing example of the worshippers of Allah. While Almighty God also blessed him with long life and plenty of wealth and after getting these entire he was never proud or selfish. His family with his servants and the poor share all the things what he got from the god. Ayub gives food and clothes to the poor and the buys the salves to make them free. .

Behave Patiently In Illness

We should be very patient in trial and problematic situations. God never does anything for him but to make the person strong enough to face critical situations. He takes sour tests and we have to pass it anyhow, if we bear any situation patiently we will also get rewarded. Even in when the circumstances changes at that time also god tests us that what and how we will tackle the situation.

One thing that should not be forgotten by us is the patience, Islam also teaches us that if you have the ability to keep patience then you can achieve anything even god. Actually, the truth is that God has created us or abandoned us in this world to judge our patients. God always loves us and is very kind towards us, he knows us better than ourselves. Remember that we will not get heaven without his mercy and his mercy is always on you but you have to keep faith in him and constantly work for the welfare of the people especially parents, orphans and poor.

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Life is full of trickiness, but the good things which will benefit us in our hard times are the good deeds that we are able to perform. Health is a trial, when we are healthy we never think about God, but when we are ill we often think or depend on god. People pray to God to cure them soon. Therefore, one should always deal patiently during illness because this will only work while God will keep on his mercy over you. This should be kept in the mind that nothing happens b chance, everything that held in your life is God's permission and he will never think anything wrong for you, as he knows better than yourself. .

Black Magic Solutions about Patience in Illness

Like Islam says that nothing you will get if you are lacking patience in you. Similarly, the solutions provided by the Black Magic Solutions will also need patience when you are treating illness. Each and everything in this world is for trial, nothing is permanent. The spiritual astrologer of Black Magic Solutions give guidance for your health issues but you have to bear it patiently because nothing can be a cure in one day it needs time and patience to come on track.best astrologerin bangalore

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