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Islam is a religion that spread love and peace around the world. It teaches us that we should always live for others with kindness and merciful. Almighty Allah blessed those people love and care about poor people. He has a special connection to those followers who have respect and love for parents and orphans. The holy book Quran is the guide which is sent to us for taking the lessons to walk on the path of truth. By this book, Allah tells everyone to adopt the moral perfection of the Islamic theory.

Peace and love are two pillars of Islam religion. The word Islam is derived from the Arabic word ‘silm’ which means making peace. It is the only religion that revealed to mankind with the intention to live a peaceful life by which the mercy of Allah should always bless upon the earth.

The Quran provides the full freedom environment where people are free to share their thoughts or do whatever they wish to do. It means that people are allowed to live by faith and the values they believe. As per the theory of Islam, it provides the right to live freely with their beliefs. In this context, freedom of religion, freedom of beliefs is the main tenets of Islam. Factually, the freedom of belief, thoughts, and expressions are the true points of the Quranic moral values. That’s why freedom of belief can only be achieved when all will obey the moral values of the Quran.

The love concept revealed in the holy book Quran is quite different from the definition of love what people understand about love. In the Quran, it is taught that love is true when it is based on the love of Allah and his acceptance. Love of Allah never get less by the time being tested much time and always stand with you in a difficult situation a href="about-us.">Best Black Magic Solution

Islam: A Religion of Love and Peace

According to Islam, it is written that peace is not simply an absence of war- it means to open the doors for everyone and all kinds of opportunities that are present in the current situation. While, a true Muslim will always try to bring others close to him, not to drive away from them. Muslims should spread peace and love and try to maintain it, they should always walk on a straight path. Almighty Allah has sent his messenger Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) to spread love, kindness , compassion, and mercy to all mankind.

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Purpose of Islam

The purpose of Islam is simple to spread love,peace , compassion, and kindness all over the world. The religion says that if you have mercy heart within you, Almighty Allah will bless you at each and every step. Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) who was the last Prophet of Allah, was sent by him to preach his kindness and mercy to mankind. People who respect other persons especially poor and needy, those are close to God and will always be praised by God .

According to the holy book Quran, all Muslims are brothers and sisters and if any disagreement appears in between them they should make peace and correct their misunderstanding. As said above that the main aim is to spread kindness all around and true Muslim will always walk on the straight path. The person should be calm, honest, faithful and live life perfectly as it is revealed in the Quran. .

Mercy, Forgiveness, and Trustworthiness

According to Islam, a true Muslim will always be merciful, he will forgive others for the mistake by his kindness as the Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him) described in the Quran. Many incidents have been mentioned in the several traditions about the Prophet Mohammad (be peace upon him). So, he always spread his love, kindness, compassion, and mercy of Allah to mankind. If you have the quality of mercy and forgiveness in you, gradually you will be creating a peaceful e4nvironment in the world. .

Having trust in people is a good thing, Islam says that a peaceful environment can be created when there is trust all around. If people have some negative thoughts for the other people, so firstly he is not a true Muslim and also Allah will not bless him for his nature. Therefore, we should have trust in each other, so that there will be no war and problems appear in life.

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Peace, Love, and Virtuous Deeds

According to Islam Peace , Love and religious belief must be followed by everyone. Several Hadiths are there on spreading peace and love in Islam. Importance of peace is what Prophet (be peace upon him) explains to us, all should know about them, the mankind should follow Sunnah of the Messenger of God (be peace upon him) for bringing the peace, love, and harmony in the Muslim and the entire mankind .

Then here comes the Virtuous deeds that purify the aggression of mankind and bringing peace in them. The religious beliefs help to promote peace in the society that keeps the relation maintain in society. As said above that Islam is the religion which provides freedom to everyone to follow their beliefs but at the straight path. .

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