Truthfulness in Islam

Truthfulness is one of the basic things that make strong social relations in the world. Islam has given much importance to the truthfulness as moral values and it has been proved in various occasion. Islam is the only religion that guides its followers at each and every step. It teaches many good things and manners which helps people to be a wise person. Truthfulness is one of these teachings, where God teaches followers to speak the truth

AIt has the power to attract positivity and defeat the lie. Telling the truth will always make you strong from inside and you will always have a point to defend your point. False things never cover you in a good way, if the real thing comes before others, lie will not save you at that moment. So, Islam always teaches it, followers, to walk on a path of truth where all will be yours. Islam has cleared that truthfulness is one key element of having a good character. Speaking the truth means being a faithful, trustworthy and kind person.

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People always love respect and follow the person who is genuine and true. They take inspiration from them and pass on the same character to society. While on the other hand if a person who tells lies and talks extravagantly and foolishly, loses respect in the eyes of the people. Almighty Allah will also displace the false person and give his blessings to the true person

Black Magic truth in Islam explained

Magic is one of the spiritual practices done by a human from ancient times. This spiritual practice is basically done to eliminate the problems from the life of the people. Islam described it as the part of the magic which is usually practiced to seek the help of the demons to perform something harmful against someone.

Well, the Quran defines the thing like Islam says it is the act of blasphemy. So, black magic is just magic which is just practiced from decades to help the people in solving their problems. As we know that nowadays problems are getting bigger divesting people happiness. Black Magic Solutions actually works on that, there is nothing gain for them. Some Islam tradition proves that Black Magic Solutions exists and the work for the welfare of the people. Though, no one knows the fact that who was the first person to practice black magic and for what purpose. But somewhere, Islam does agree that Black Magic does exist and often practiced in seeking demons help.

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Existence of Jinn and Black Magic in Islam truth is proved

-Many times it has been heard about the Jinn from the people. The question arises that is it true that Jinn and Black Magic actually exist in Islam. There are many believers in the Muslim community who strong to the point, they also say that they have seen Jinn in their house or at some places. .

Well, there is evidence in Islam which proves that Jinn actually exist and they are eh creation of the God Allah. God has created them by the fire and they cannot be seen with a human eye. There are some evil Jinn also present who disbelievers and are common are referred to as Shaitaans. Islam explains that Jinn have the quality not to harm or tease any human until they are not disturbed, they live at the places like Masjid, cemeteries from where they can chant the name of Allah but evil ones can create havoc in the life of humans, they tend to live at the impure places like toilets etc. .

Truthfulness in Islam about black magic is explained clearly and it describes that there are some spiritual scholars who can control the Jinn so that they can keep them as a slave. Some jinn has given promised to them and the true scholars never publicize this fact.

Islam teaches us about the truthfulness, that a person should always say the truth about each and every fact. It goes on the black magic practice too, the true spiritual scholars will always say the truth regarding your problems, so always take guidance from an experienced astrologer who can relieve you from all the issues you are dealing in life. best astrologer best astrologer

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Truthfulness in Islam and Black Magic Solutions

From the above examinations, it has been cleared that black magic and Jinn exists in Islam, though it has been prohibited by Islam to control over the demons it is necessary. There is one more proof of black magic existence in Islam, it was performed even on the Prophet of Allah once. .

ThIt is believed that someone took the hair of Allah’s Messenger, tied eleven knots and kept it under the rock into the well. The effect of it was started on the Messenger of Allah and one of the angels informed him about what has happened. The Messenger of Allah with his companions goes to the well removed the knots and as the eleventh knot removed the Prophet of Allah was relieved from the effect of black magic. .

This tells us the black magic was performed from years and also tells the remedy to remove the effect. As mentioned in the Ahadith there are several remedies are present for curing the black magic. Ignorance and unknown thing are the roots of all the evil. Many people ignore the thing and believe that it must be a challenging time going on into their life. Lack of knowledge can make them standing surrounded by the problems.

When they knew about this they go to the false astrologer, who tends to speak what they want to listen and charge the high fees for the solutions they have performed. They don’t have any sympathy with your problems they are just to earn money.

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People should understand the fact that there is only one solution for their problems that is Allah. Things like Taweez or something else can be true but when created by the true astrologer or the person who actually knows about the thing deeply. Black Magic Solutions provides services from years and always ready to solve the problems of the people. .